N°1 Free software analytics solution

Matomo Analytics is the most used Free software analytics solution in the world.

Multipurpose solution

Either you would like to analyze a website, an intranet or a mobile app, Matomo can suit those expections. Moreover it supports more than 50 languages translated by a community and supported by a great platform.

A raising Open Source community

Created in 2006, Matomo has proven thanks to its community that it is a viable solution for all kind of IT projects.

Premium support

You can directly get support from the InnoCraft Matomo team at Matomo.org.

Online video tutorials

Train yourself directly thanks to many Matomo video tutorials at FLOSS-Marketing-School.com.

Professional support

You can also get some support from professionals, consultants such as myself. To do so, just contact me at contact@ronan-chardonneau.com.

Community support

You can get help directly from the community at forum.matomo.org.

My experience about Matomo Analytics

Are you ready to kickstart your Matomo project?


Partners I am working with

About my Skills

Matomo training

Worldwide recognized expert.


I wish I was better but I can definitely recommend you someone here if I don't fit your expectations.

System administration

I am learning hard but I still have a long way to go.

International project management

I am probably your best hope to find the right experts on earth and make them work together.

My Matomo services


Wherever you are located, I can train your company about Matomo Analytics. Just tell me which video conference tool you want me to use.


You have an issue dealing with Matomo? I have a solution. Let me just listen to your needs and I will find the right expertise for you.

Server support

Your Matomo is getting slow? You are having error messages displayed on your screen? Well you need a system administrator on board. Here we are.

Why should you work with me?

I started to work with Matomo (Piwik Analytics) in 2010 which means that I have more than a decade of experience on this software. I have seen a lot of projects, not all the aspects, but probably enough in order to support you. And if that's not the case it will probably reveal my curiosity and interest to work with you.

I am a self-host company. I don't want to build an agency, I don't have any trademark to defend except my first name and family name. So to say I will not force you and/or try to influence you in the choices and decisions you will make, I will introduce you to different solutions, feel free to choose the one you prefer.

Thanks to straight collaboration with many partners, friends, workmates I am able to put you in contact with the different Matomo experts around the world in order to provide you with the best expertise on earth.

Training about Matomo Analytics is probably for what I am the most recognized for. If your team has a need for Matomo's education, please feel free to introduce me your project. It can either be about an on-site training, a remote training, a class teaching training, a conference, a video tutorial, a text tutorial.

I Like consulting in the way that it helps people and discover more about Matomo. On the other hand it can be a time-consuming activity. So, I have to admit that when the project is big, I tend to introduce some of my partners who are doing the consulting part far better than myself.

If your site is receiving a lot of traffic it may be subject to downtime. When that's the case, you need to find the right expertise to fix those issues. The best experts I can find on this subject are from Germany. So when a company is knocking at my door to get such issues fixed I am playing the role of the middle man in order to introduce all parties.

The strenght of Matomo is that it is a Free software. When a company has some very specific needs and need the development of new features, I am wearing the hat of the project manager and write the specification document the client need in order to find the right expert to develop the plugin.

A Matomo video tutorial

Watch one of my Matomo tutorial

Training is what I love to do among other things. In this video I am for example explaining how to start working with one of the most powerful feature: Matomo Tag Manager.

Review the video at your own path

Learning Matomo takes time and practice. Life is long, relax and take the time to review those tutorials as much as you need. Feel free to write me if you want me to tackle the topic on a different angle.

Start implementing what you learnt

And push your career and/or your Matomo Analytics to the next level.

My lastest Matomo projects

The MatomoCamp logo


November 4th and 5th 2021

With a set of workmates, partners and friends, we built with the community the biggest event about Matomo Analytics. Probably my greatest achievement for the Matomo Community so far.

Go the site
The FLOSS Marketing School logo

FLOSS Marketing School

2018 to now

With the great help of my friend, Lukas Winkler, I built the FLOSS Marketing School. An online education platform providing free classes about Free software and Open Source technologies for marketers. It includes a full detailed course about Matomo Analytics.

Visit the website
WebAssoc.org logo



During the year 2020 I taught every month to non profit organizations about how to take advantage of Matomo Analytics.

To know more about WebAssoc.org

What my clients say about my work

Let's discuss your Matomo project

Whatever your project is about, wherever you are located in New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Lower Hutt, Dunedin, Palmerston, Napier... I am pretty sure that there is something I can do for you. Please feel free to contact me by using the email below: